Chulabhorn Hospital Oncology Health Service Thailand is famous from it’s nickname “Thailand, the land of smile”, which comes from tourism goals. Generally, not only because of Thai people are kind and helpful (even though most of can not speak English very well), Thailand has many beautiful beaches in affordable cost of traveling. Each tourists always want to be on their prime physical condition while traveling. Somehow, not all tourist are healthy whenever they arrived at Thailand.

Health service near Don Mueang airport – Bangkok

Most cases occurs when they afford the flight ticket one year advance, so when the vacation day, some of them are not in their good health condition. No need to worry, once you arrived at Don Mueang airport, Bangkok, you can go directly to Chulabhorn Hospital to have some medical check up.

Those famous hospital is located just 10 km from Don Mueang (DMK) airport and easy to reach by public transportation. There are many health service provided like the basic health problems up to the serious one. For the example, Chulabhorn Hospital have the good oncology unit, which is located at the 2nd floor.

Oncology is the branch of medical knowledge which study and do treatment for cancer patients. Among several kinds of cancer, breast cancer is the main cancer which studied in this unit. Breast cancer unit provide the treatment for both cancerous and non cancerous tumors as well.

There is a team of medical doctors whose specialized in cancer treatment. Each patients are treated personally, based on their needs both physical and non physical. A non physical treatment like counseling is important for cancer patients  are important for the patients, before they back to their normal life.

Health services which are provided by the oncology unit, is one of the most complete and thoroughly in Thailand. First, patients will have their general examination held by the breast surgeon medical team. Second, based on the examination result, patients will have different medical step. Some of patients have to do the ultrasonic mammogram and electromagnetic radiation (MRI) if needed.

Next step for patients, they may be asked to have the core needle biopsy, to get the judi bola sample of the tumors tissue and have it to be analyzed. Other method of biopsy (stereolactic biopsy) also available whenever the medical team needs it.

Another services which available in Chulabhorn Hospital are the comprehensive treatment. From the physical medical action like the surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, up to the rehabilitation to enhance the psychology aspect of the patients before they heading back to their home.


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Reference of Hospital for Tourists of Thailand

Reference of Hospital for Tourists of Thailand
There are many great places to visit. For spending holidays, there are many great destinations and these can be found in many countries. Even, each country has different characteristics of tourist destinations that will always bring special experiences. In this case, countries in Asia have become favorite destinations for tourists, especially tourists from Europe. They love to visit the countries in Asia because of some differences in culture and other things. Among those countries, Thailand is one of them. This country is one of the tropical countries in Asia and this is located in south-eastern Asia. This country has many great things to offer and each destination can be great place to enjoy holidays. Beaches and other landscapes of nature can be chosen for spending the holidays. Then, there are also tom yum and other street foods that can be special culinary to enjoy. There are many great things to enjoy.

Of course, there can be many places to go. Thailand has become one of the favorite destinations, so it is normal to find many great places in this country. However, things that make this country special is not only about its tourist destination. There are also some facilities and services needed by the tourists of visitors of this country. One of them is about the health agen bola services. There are many health service providers to find in Thailand, so all tourists do not need to worry when they have to face some health issues. Among those health service providers, of course hospitals will always be place to look for. In this case, Chulabhorn Hospital can be one of the great hospital to find in Thailand. This hospital can provide health services for all people, including the tourists visiting this country. There will be no problems and worries since this hospital is more than capable enough to provide great health treatment.

The other good thing about Chulabhorn Hospital is about its location. This hospital is located in Bangkok. As what people know, Bangkok is special town in Thailand. This is one of the biggest town in Thailand and even this is the capital of this country. With its location, of course it is easy to access this hospital. Moreover, Chulabhorn Hospital is very close from the airport. There is main airport in Bangkok and this is very easy to reach the hospital. There are also some transportations to choose when tourists need to have early checkup or some preparation to enjoy holidays in Thailand.

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Good Health Services For Tourists Coming to Thailand

Health Services For Tourists Coming to ThailandEveryone always wants to enjoy holidays. Holidays will always be great moment to spend since there can be great experiences and these can be good way to refresh the mind. After working and being busy with many kinds of things, it is important to take a break and holiday is the answer and solution for it. In this case, when you get long holidays and you have around several weeks for it, it is better to find good location for holiday. You can decide to go abroad and Thailand can be perfect destination. This country is great destination to go for its beautiful natural landscapes and many other things. James Bond Beach and other beaches can be visited to get the great experiences of holiday. The beaches can be great since these are tropical country, so its sunlight is quite strong and this is good for tanning. It will not be too cold even if people are going outside in the early morning.

It is true that Thailand has many kinds of thing to enjoy. There are also some culinary spots to visit. In this case, it is not necessary to go to the restaurants to get the famous foods from Thailand. Even, street foods are the answer. There are still other things to enjoy in this country. Of course, no one expects to get some health problems during the holiday. What you are looking for is fun and great experiences, so it will be bad when you have to get some health problems. In this case, of course you need to get good treatment as soon as possible so you can get back to your holiday in Thailand. In this case, Thailand also has some great hospitals to choose. Chulabhorn Hospital is one of them. This hospital is famous for its researches and treatments for cancers. There are many great things about the cancer treatment in this hospital. However, cancers are not the only focus. Other health services can also be provided by this hospital, so this can be great choice.

Health Services For Tourists Coming to Thailand

The good thing about the Chulabhorn Hospital is also related to the location. Its services are great and these are not doubted. About the location, this hospital is located in Bangkok. This is one of the big towns in Thailand and even this is the important town in this country since this is the capital of Bangkok. With this fact, of course it will be very easy to reach this hospital. Even, when tourists need to see doctor as soon as their place landing, they can get easy access on situs judi bola since it is close to the Don Mueang Airport. This is surely a great solution for health issues during the holidays in Thailand.

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Some Health Issues to Pay Attention Before Going to Thailand

Some Health Issues to Pay Attention Before Going to ThailandAsia has many great countries to visit. There will be no disappointment for spending long holidays in countries of Asia. If they are looking for some good places to visit, Thailand can be good place to go. This is one of the South-East Asian countries and this has a great tropical weather. With the tropical weather, there are warm places to visit and this is great. This country has many tourist destinations to go. There are great landscapes of nature that make the country so special. There are beaches, and other natural landscapes to visit. Although it is interesting, it is quite problematic to deal with the weather and environment in Thailand. There will be some differences and it is important to get ready for adaptation. This is needed by the body to be able to enjoy the things offered by this country.

Talking about adaptation, there are some things to consider as preparation. First point is about the weather. This country is a tropical country. For tourists from other tropical countries, there will be no problems since the condition is almost similar. However, people from sub-tropical countries, such as European countries, will need time to adapt with the condition. The temperature will be higher and this is sometimes hard to adapt. At least, there should be some days for adaptation and it is better to provide some agen sbobet precautions and fresh water is one of the necessary things to prepare. When tourists are lack of water or hydration, there will be dehydration, and even severe dehydration because the body still try to get used to the temperature and weather. That is why it is better to always bring bottle of water, so it is easy to drink water when it is needed.

Then, the other things to prepare is about the foods in Thailand. It is always interesting to try many interesting foods in Thailand. Culinary is always things to find during vacation to the new place, so it is normal to get ready with the problems related to the foods. There are some delicious foods in Thailand, such as tom yum and other street foods. For some people, their digestive organs will have to adapt with the foods in Thailand, and that is why it is better to make precaution by bringing some antibiotics or medicines for it. There are still many things to prepare when people are going to spend some days or weeks in Thailand. This place is great and beautiful, but health condition must become consideration and attention, so the holiday can be so great and unforgettable.

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Good Health Services in Chulabhorn Hospital

Good Health Services in Chulabhorn HospitalThailand becomes one of the great tourist destinations. This country has many great places to visit. Its nature is great with many great views starting from beaches and other landscapes. Then, there are also great cultures and histories offered by this country. Surely, visiting this place can be great things to enjoy. However, for some people, visiting tropical country is not easy things. There are many things new and they need to adapt with the condition. The nature is great, but it also becomes great challenges to overcome, especially when they are from sub-tropical area. Even, they who are from other tropical countries still have to adapt first with the condition in Thailand. Because adaptation is needed, then it is better also to have some recommendation of hospital and health centers to get fast health services when it is needed.

As a country with many tourist destinations, it is clear that this country must have good health service centers. Being aware of this, this country has some great hospitals and Chulabhorn Hospital is one of them. This is one of the good hospitals to find in Thailand, specifically in Bangkok. Bangkok becomes the capital of Thailand, so it is great to find a good hospital in the capital town of this country. This hospital can provide most of the health services needed by people coming to this country. Even, there are some sectors in this hospital that is known internationally for its quality.

Health Services in Chulabhorn Hospital

Of course, when it is about hospital, its quality and its services are always main things to consider. in this case, Chulabhorn Hospital is the right hospital for it. This hospital can provide first treatment and even some serious treatments happened on tourists. With the existence of this hospital, there will be no worries during the trips or vacations in this country. Moreover, the other good point is about location of this hospital. It is located in Bangkok, as the capital of this country. About the access, it is very easy to access. This hospital is very close to the Don Mueang Airport. This will be a great benefit since tourists will get easy bandar bola access when they have to visit and get health services. When tourists also want to make some health checkup before having vacations in this country, it is also possible and there are also consultation services also. The transportation to reach this hospital is also easy. Surely, there will be no problems for tourists to get good health services.

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Chulabhorn Hospital, Health Service Near Don Mueang Airport

Chulabhorn Hospital, Health Service Near Don Mueang AirportWhat will hop on your mind when you heard about the word “Thailand”? You may think about the famous Thai tea or their delicious street food like tom yum, pad Thai or maybe their famous beautiful James Bond beach? That is the common answer when you think that Thailand is related with tourism.

Another question is: whenever you are on your trip to Thailand, just landing on Don Mueang Airport Bangkok (DMK)  and need to meet the doctor, where is the best place to go? The best answer is you are encouraged to go to Chulabhorn Hospital.

Where is Chulabhorn hospital located and how we reach it?

For a foreigner or simply we say: tourist who travel to Thailand, you may surprised that most of the Thai’s can not speak English. Not only unable to speak English very well but also the basic English vocabulary is difficult for them to understand and use it on simple English conversation.

For the example, if you just arrived at the DMK airport in Bangkok and need to have some health problem, it is convenient for you to directly go to Chulabhorn Hospital since it is just around 10 km away from DMK airport. There are several option for public transportation, but the simple and safe way is using the airport taxi service.

Chulabhorn Hospital, Health Service Near Don Mueang Airport

If you arrived from an international flight, at least you need 30 minutes up to 1 hour to finish the immigration stamp and waiting for your luggage to arrived. When everything is normal, you just hop on the near exit door of DMK airport to reserve an airport taxi service.

There are 4 lines to line up on reserving the airport taxi service, you do not have to be worried because there are many airport taxi cars that available 24 hours. Whenever you reach on the airport taxi service counter, simply tell them that you wanna go to Chulabhorn Hospital which is located at 54 Kamphaengphet 6 Road, Bangkhen, Laksi Bangkok 10210.

After you jump into your taxi car, it will need only 15 minutes to arrived at the hospital. If you noticed, from DMK airport you will pass the Impact Arena which was be used as the arena for 2018 Thomas and Uber cup international badminton competition.

Last thing that you have to keep in mind that the 15 minutes time is for normal traffic condition. During rush hour (7-9 AM or 3-5 PM) there will be traffic jam near the T-junction of the hospital.