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Chulabhorn Hospital
Towards Excellence in Cancer Treatment and Research

     Cancer is the leading cause of deaths in Thailand and increasingly affects both social and economic problems of the country. In the past, treatment of cancer patients in Thailand was not modernized up to the level of that in the western countries. Also, advances in the basic and clinical research in cancer were hampered by the shortage of qualified medical and research personnel and inadequate funding. To effectively manage such problems depends on many significant factors, particularly a strong leadership with a clear vision and aspiration as well as the ability to mobilize resources from the government and private sectors for the continuing success of the operations for the benefits of overall people in Thailand. 

     Professor Dr. HRH Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol, President of Chulabhorn Research Institute, realizes the dangers of cancer and its effects on the country’s economic and social problems, especially cancer patients and their family. To help alleviate the suffering of those patients, Her Royal Highness has initiated the establishment of the first comprehensive cancer centre in Thailand located within the area of Chulabhorn Research Institute known as, Chulabhorn Cancer Centre, to commemorate the auspicious 72nd Birthday Anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen in 2004. The objective is to create an institution of academic excellence that can help train medical personnel to provide effective cancer treatment services comparable to worldwide developed countries. In 2009, Chulabhorn Cancer Research Centre was then graciously named, Chulabhorn Hospital.

     Chulabhorn Hospital has devoted itself for the provision of health care treatment, both physical and mental, to cancer patients. With the facilities of  100 inpatient beds, the hospital encourages a full range of services, along with Cancer Risk Assessment Clinic which offers accurate diagnosis & staging, and  other modernized medical services such as cancer operation, radiation oncology, and chemotherapy to provide palliative cares for cancer patients. Besides, the hospital also houses cancer-related research, such as translational research, clinical research, and community research, leading to appropriate and modern diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer, with the principal aim of giving patients the opportunity of being cured of cancer and improving the patients’ quality of life, as well as reducing the risks of cancer development and the overall incidence of cancer in Thailand.

     The major care program of Chulabhorn Hospital consists of liver cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer. A panel of experts particularly specializing on pathology, radiation oncology, chemotherapy, surgical oncology, and medical pharmacy in most common fields of cancer brainstorms, decides, and complements the most suitable treatment and mainstream care for the patients.

     Chulabhorn Hospital is the first health care institution in Thailand that initiates the 4-dimension technology for radiation therapy. Moreover, the X-ray computer with 2-energy powers (128 slides) and 3-tesla MRI are the hospital’s innovative facilities to diagnose and detect cancer diseases. There are numerous molecular researches to support advanced cancer prognosis and treatment.


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