Chulabhorn Hospital, Health Service Near Don Mueang AirportWhat will hop on your mind when you heard about the word “Thailand”? You may think about the famous Thai tea or their delicious street food like tom yum, pad Thai or maybe their famous beautiful James Bond beach? That is the common answer when you think that Thailand is related with tourism.

Another question is: whenever you are on your trip to Thailand, just landing on Don Mueang Airport Bangkok (DMK)  and need to meet the doctor, where is the best place to go? The best answer is you are encouraged to go to Chulabhorn Hospital.

Where is Chulabhorn hospital located and how we reach it?

For a foreigner or simply we say: tourist who travel to Thailand, you may surprised that most of the Thai’s can not speak English. Not only unable to speak English very well but also the basic English vocabulary is difficult for them to understand and use it on simple English conversation.

For the example, if you just arrived at the DMK airport in Bangkok and need to have some health problem, it is convenient for you to directly go to Chulabhorn Hospital since it is just around 10 km away from DMK airport. There are several option for public transportation, but the simple and safe way is using the airport taxi service.

Chulabhorn Hospital, Health Service Near Don Mueang Airport

If you arrived from an international flight, at least you need 30 minutes up to 1 hour to finish the immigration stamp and waiting for your luggage to arrived. When everything is normal, you just hop on the near exit door of DMK airport to reserve an airport taxi service.

There are 4 lines to line up on reserving the airport taxi service, you do not have to be worried because there are many airport taxi cars that available 24 hours. Whenever you reach on the airport taxi service counter, simply tell them that you wanna go to Chulabhorn Hospital which is located at 54 Kamphaengphet 6 Road, Bangkhen, Laksi Bangkok 10210.

After you jump into your taxi car, it will need only 15 minutes to arrived at the hospital. If you noticed, from DMK airport you will pass the Impact Arena which was be used as the arena for 2018 Thomas and Uber cup international badminton competition.

Last thing that you have to keep in mind that the 15 minutes time is for normal traffic condition. During rush hour (7-9 AM or 3-5 PM) there will be traffic jam near the T-junction of the hospital.

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